The website contains publications on nobility, mainly related the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It offers a wide range of articles on nobility and it’s closely related subjects such as heraldry, genealogy, history and nobility law. All articles are written in Dutch. Most of them have already been published on paper. They are uploaded in PDF format to maintain layout.

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About the author:

Titus von Bönninghausen provides the historical section for the magazine Van Adel, the newsletter of the Dutch nobility association. In 2000 he published an up-to-date overview of the nobility in the Netherlands: ‘More than 290 Dutch noble families‘ in De Nederlandsche Leeuw. To commemorate the kingdom of Holland, established in 1806, he wrote for the nobility association: ‘Chevalier, baron, comte de l’empire‘. A speech from 2008 entitled ‘Failed nobility policy‘  has been posted on the internet.”

(De Nederlandsche Leeuw, juni 2015 nr. 2, p. 97, in translation)